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History of the Jacobin

Jacobin pigeons were named after the Jacobin order of monks, who date from 1100, and were known for their distinctive hooded habits. According to the Oxford Dictionary, the Jacobins were Dominican friars so-called after the nearby church of St Jacques in Paris. (Jacobean refers to the reign of James I).

According to breeders, the Jacobin pigeon was developed from a mutation known as early as the 1500's. It went through various stages of development to reach the bird it is today. 

It is characterised by a distinctive muff or cowl of feathers, which forms a rosette on both sides of the pigeon's head. This is made up of a mane at the back of the head, the hood over the top and a chain of two lines of feather running down the front of the chest.
The British Jacobin Society was formed on 31st March 1964 by the union of the Jacobin Society (founded 1896) and the Scottish Jacobin Society (founded 1905.) The Society is now a successful club with members from all over the United Kingdom who regularly meet to share their enthusiasm for the breed.


"I would like to thank my good friend Joanne Taylor for all her help in setting up this website. Without her help the website would have remained only an idea. I hope with this website to be able to bring the British Jacobin Society into the 21st century."
 Finlay Bye